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Calling all Rugby Parents!
Don't keep buying new boots every few months as your child outgrows theirs - join the Boomerang Boot Club!
The Boomerang Boot Club
For the 2012-2013 Season, Westport Bulls will be introducing the Boomerang Boot Club. It is open to any member of the club and provides a way of getting a little extra mileage from those very expensive football boots that were bought only a couple of months ago and are now outgrown or abandoned for some other reason!
The idea is to facilitate a boot exchange whereby you can bring in pair of clean boots in good condition and take away another pair at no cost. You can keep on doing this as many times as you like.
If you don't have a pair of boots to exchange you can buy your first pair from the Boomerang Boot Club and exchange them at any time for another pair at no further cost. Boots will cost €10 per pair and this money will go to directly fund equipment.
If you have any good condition boots that have been outgrown or are simply surplus to requirement and you would like to donate them, we would love to take them off your hands. The more boots we have in the Boot Club the better chance our members have of finding a suitable pair to either buy or exchange.
The Boomerang Boot Club will be open from the beginning of August. Details will be posted on this website.
This Boot Club will reduce for parents and players some of the costs associated with playing rugby, it will reduce the amount of wasted resources through recycling and will benefit all members of the club through the raising of additional funds.
What goes around, comes around with the Boomerang Boot Club!
Boot donations can be dropped into Simon at Living @ Liberties, Westport Quay or call him on 086 392 0600 and alternative arrangements can be made. Please ensure all donations are clean and tidy and in good condition.

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